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"Senter's story resonates on levels that wouldn't have been possible even several years ago... In many ways, STILL THE NIGHT CALL is a call to action. The first step is reading this book. The second lies in recommending it for discussions about free will, choice, civil war, and social change."

Midwest Book Review

(Featured Review)

"With STILL THE NIGHT CALL, Joshua Senter delivers a profound and beautifully written exploration of loneliness and isolation. This book bravely shines a light on the darkness within us, and in doing so it reminds us of the importance of empathy, connection, and of the resilience of the human spirit.."

-Abdi Nazemian | Author 

Like a Love Story

"STILL THE NIGHT CALL features a profound, honest, and wrenching narrative that shares the bitter reality of those hopeless in the heartland, and offers a rare perspective on what resilience may mean for the backbone of America."


"Magnificent . . . a story of love, life, loss, and redemption. It touched my heart, soul, and mind."

Jed Diamond, PhD | Author

Founder |  Men Alive

"In this chilling novel, readers follow a young dairy farmer staring down his last day on his family's southern Missouri farm. This book's power lies in its relevance and its authenticity yet acknowledging the blurry lines between one's reality and their own fiction."

The US Review of Books

"Joshua Senter is simply an excellent storyteller. STILL THE NIGHT CALL traces a memorable and emotionally rending journey to self-realization, with a tale which rattles the heart and mind…"

Best Sellers World

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